Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Random Thoughts

Individuals and organizations are often reluctant to do the things which will achieve their greatest desire. When problems make you want to withdraw from the world, usually the best strategy is to engage. Take any week and someone you know will really need your help. The streets and sidewalks would be filled if everyone knew the benefits of walking. You can waste a lot of time waiting for Superman to arrive. Belief in another does not require a blank check. "Mission creep" is closely related to "budget creep." Don't just imagine new products; imagine new competitors. To gain a better sense of the present, get a dog. There is a certain pleasure in the sharing of a crisis. Your passport should always be current. Misery is not the only thing which loves company. [So does guilt.] Increasing the speed of our handwriting has not improved its beauty. You can always use three more hours. The French and the Americans are more alike than they are willing to admit. A key part of any week involves controlling one's reactions. Life is composed of 10 to 20 minute periods of extraordinary importance although the significance of those segments might not be realized for years. A nap a day keeps the craziness away. Many of our biggest blunders come from assuming what others will want. The perils of dating have produced many a marriage. Some of my happiest commuting days were when I took a bus. Every passenger was a novel. There are few things more powerful within a group than that which is understood but never spoken. I believe I'll take a few minutes and watch a bird today if only to remind myself of miracles. 


Crusty Old HR Manager said...

Speaking of birds. This morning I watched from the window of my office building as a small cactus wren became entangled in a piece of plastic webbing. A few urgent chirps later, help arrived. Another wren grasped the webbing in his beak, gave several tugs, and freed his little compatriot. I sat in awe. There were no committee meetings, no shunning of the one who desperately needed help from his team, and no second thoughts about what was the right thing to do. It causes me to ponder the question: Just who, exactly, is the smarter being?

Michael Wade said...


Obviously there was no clearance by Legal or else the other bird would still be trapped.


David Kanigan said...

So good. Full stop.

Michael Wade said...