Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Appreciating Disconnection


We have never appreciated a solitary stroll, a camping trip, a face-to-face chat with friends, or even our boredom better than we do now. Nothing has contributed more to our collective appreciation for being logged off and technologically disconnected than the very technology of connection. The ease of digital distraction has made us appreciate solitude with a new intensity. . . . In short, we've never cherished being alone, valued introspection, and treasured information disconnection more than we do now. Never has being disconnected - even if for just a moment - felt so profound.

- Nathan Jurgenson

Sleep Secrets

What is a common topic of discussion in my social circles? 


People can't get enough of it. They try breathing techniques with mixed success. Adjusting the daily schedule only works if one has the power to do so. Various over-the-counter medicines don't always kick in.

I'd be tempted to say it is a true sign of aging but many young people have the same problem.

If you know of serious solutions, please pass them along.

Learning Leadership and Management from History: A Series


Monday, September 27, 2021

Justice for Donovan

Althouse points to yet another opossum outrage.

Wait until The Opossum Lady gets wind of this.

The Endurance of Paper

My starting point for this book was not Leonardo's art masterpieces but his notebooks. His mind, I think, is best revealed in the more than 7,200 pages of his notes and scribbles that, miraculously, survive to this day. Paper turns out to be a superb information-storage technology, still readable after five hundred years, which our own tweets likely won't be.

- Walter Isaacson in Leonardo Da Vinci

Find Your Style

[Photo by Wesley Tingey at Unsplash]

Get Out There