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Back Again: Ambient Music to Calm and Concentrate

Courage in a Time of Bullying

Joshua T. Katz, a professor of classics at Princeton University, has signed his own declaration of independence. An excerpt:

Innumerable sensible people have commented on the impossibility that anyone can pass the Purity Test. Someone who passes today will not pass tomorrow.

Little League Experiment

The following is a reason why so many of us visit Cultural Offering every day:

I haven’t coached little league eight years but I still remember.  
One year at practice I brought the parents out to home plate and had them, one-by-one, simulate a hit, having them run to either first or second base, depending on instructions I would give them as a first base coach.  I had the kids stand behind the home plate fence and yell out conflicting advice to them as they ran the bases.
After the exercise was over, the parents confessed that they couldn’t understand all the kids’ shouting and it made the base-running more confusing.
I thought I was brilliant and had taught parents a valuable lesson.  When the first game came around, the parents didn’t change their behavior a bit.  They continued to yell out (conflicting) advice from the stands so I never tried the exercise again.

Summer Reading Lists for Business Leaders

woman sitting on floor while reading newspaper during daytime

Wally Bock has a great assortment of lists.

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History is Not Just a Subject, It is THE Subject

First Paragraph

In 1945, eighteen physicians from Hamburg, all of them on the staff of the Rothenburgsort Pediatric Hospital, were brought before the German criminal justice system at the behest of the British Occupying Forces. All eighteen were charged with murdering, or acting as accessories to the murder of, fifty-six children who had been diagnosed as permanently unfit between 1939 and 1945, by means of lethal injection. In 1949, the Langericht (regional court) of Hamburg dismissed the charges. Yes, "it has been objectively verified" that "at least fifty-six children were killed at the Rothenburgsort Pediatric Hospital." Yes, these acts were "against the law." The judges argued, however, that "all of the defendants . . . deny their guilt . . . and contest the charge that they committed any acts in objective violation of the law, explaining that they believed their actions to be permitted under the law."

- From The Law of Blood: Thinking and Acting as a Nazi by Johann Chapoutot

Historical Perspectives

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Music Break

"The First Church of Intersectionality"

Elizabeth C. Corey writing in First Things in 2016.

Modern Life

Among the riveting calls of the day: 

  • "Kate in the Computer Refund Department" 
  • An outfit that wants me to know that the warranty on my 2005 vehicle has expired.

No Mystery

New York Post reports that NYPD retirement applications have surged.

On Critics and Bullies

Professor Robert George on a common problem in our society and especially on social media. An excerpt:

A critic recognizes that you are entitled to your opinion, even if, in his or her judgment, it is erroneous; a bully insists that “error has no rights” and that those in error must be “re-educated” (via such things as ideologically inflected “training” in “cultural competency,” or “diversity,” or “unconscious bias awareness”) or cancelled.
A bully believes that dissent from his or her opinions is evidence of either stupidity (perhaps even mental illness) or malice (“bigotry”).

Speaking of Team Names

Yuma Union High School - Wikipedia

One of my favorite team names is the one for Yuma High School in Arizona.

Miscellaneous and Fast

Unusual Films I Recommend - A Series

Finding The Feel

The chapters accumulate and they keep changing order. 

What once seemed like a great Chapter One is now Chapter Six. [What is now Chapter One didn't exist two days ago.] The trunk of the book - the main theme - is growing but the number of branches has not greatly increased.

There is a point in writing which I call The Feel. You can write fine material for months and yet sense that you still don't possess The Feel for the ultimate result. You may have a compass but you still lack direction.

But when you get The Feel, you know you are onto something very tangible. Something of significance.

That is when everything begins to come together and you can get several weeks of writing done in one day.

This week, it arrived.

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Something to Look Forward to

FutureLawyer Goes Full Zorro


Update: While considering the subject of lawyer fashion, this story causes me to worry about one lawyer I know who is seriously addicted to Brooks Brothers shirts and suits.

Year Zero

Historian Victor Davis Hanson on the insanity of America's "cultural revolution."

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First Paragraph

"Is your desk always buried under piles of documents? Yikes! Where's the report I have to submit tomorrow?"

- From Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein

The Week

muffin beside knife and fork on saucer beside blanket

I have some surgery this week followed by recuperation. Will be posting less and reading more. Should be back to normal (make that quasi-normal) by the end of the week.

Take care, have a great week, and don't forget to check the great blogs listed to the right.

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A New Hong Kong?

Washington Examiner: Daniel Hannan reviews the current tension in Hong Kong and makes an interesting proposal: 

Why not, in other words, find some suitable land and give it to Hong Kongers as a charter city? Let them bring their enterprise and global business networks. Let them set their own regulations and taxes. And let the wealth that used to spill into neighboring China instead flow into the new host country?

Thinking about The Future

Patriotism and the View from Norway

"In Norway, where I live, May 17 is Constitution Day. In every city, town, and hamlet in this country, the inhabitants celebrate it by dressing in traditional garb (bunad) and congregating downtown, where they wave Norwegian flags and sing the national anthem. Local politicians and high school students give patriotic speeches. Larger communities hold parades with marching bands. In Oslo, the streets are crowded, and schoolchildren march past the Royal Palace, where the king and his family wave at them from a balcony."

Read the rest of Bruce Bawer's essay here.

Ennio Morricone, RIP

Brookhiser on John Marshall