Thursday, June 29, 2017

Procrastination Smoothies

When you absolutely, positively, need an excuse to procrastinate:

  1. "I'm coming down with something."
  2. "We're waiting for some information."
  3. "Let me see which team member is covering that area and I'll get back with you."
  4. "There's a computer virus going around."
  5. "I have a few calls out."
  6. "A new software version will be issued soon and it will save us a lot of time."
  7. "We really need to rethink that mission."
  8. "You know, there has been some confusion over the deadline."
  9. "We thought you were going to do that portion."
  10. "The lawyers should probably give it a look."
  11. "I can't pinpoint the reason but the numbers don't look right."
  12. "The word is that some new regulations are pending."
  13. "Are you sure that I'm still on that project?"

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