Thursday, July 05, 2018


Rod Dreher on voxplaining rural America.


Kurt Harden said...

"They value their local community. They understand its problems, but they like knowing their neighbors and they like the slow pace of life and they like living in a community that feels small and closed. Maybe they’re making the best of a bad situation, but they choose to stay."

I just returned from Los Angeles. In between the complaining about the drought (poor resource planning), sky-high housing prices (one person I spoke with was housing his three daughters because they couldn't afford an apartment), traffic congestion, and vastly overpriced golf course rates, they would remind me how nice the weather was.

Yes we "choose" to stay and make the best of the lower cost of living, short commutes, excellent natural resources, and great communities. What a bunch of suckers we are.

Michael Wade said...


You know that if "the right people" lived in rural areas, there would be a very different slant on so many of these stories. You'd read about back to basics, less stress, clearer priorities, avoiding the rat race, etc.


Kurt Harden said...