Thursday, August 09, 2018

A One Dog Night

I was sitting on the sofa on my living room when the dog wandered in and stared at me. Some books and notes were spread out, progress was being made on a management project, and I'd planned on getting to a set point before going to bed but the dog look was a signal. Despite a weather report to the contrary, a storm was coming.

My dog is not a fan of thunder - rain fine, thunder bad - and since her hearing is far superior to mine, she can hear it long before I even sense a storm is near.

So there went my schedule. I can't farm out the dog watch responsibilities to my wife because the dog has chosen dear old dad as her chief counsel and guardian when lightning strikes and thunder crashes. My other dog - the late Max - would get so nervous during storms that we got some medicine that the vet assured us would calm him down, which was an understatement. I've kept the pills in case there is a national catastrophe and I need to perform major surgery on a family member.

Anyway, last night was dog counseling time until the storm finally rolled on to other parts of the valley.

And another is expected later tonight.

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