Thursday, August 02, 2018

A Politics Cleanse

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Althouse points to an essay by Arthur C. Brooks in which he recommends abstaining from political news for a while.

Smart move, regardless of your political leanings, because the political scene has gone nuts. [It reminds me of Robin Williams imitating Robin Leach: "I'm shouting and I don't know why!"]

As long-time readers of this blog know, I recommend watching the entire series of Hercule Poirot mysteries. It is a great escape and the main characters are likable, even admirable.


Dan in Philly said...

I entirely agree with your opinion of the Hurcule Poirot show. I've seen them all several times and still enjoy them, and though I know it's all just a writer's trick, I find myself amazed at Poirot's insights into human nature.

Michael Wade said...


Those episodes are thoroughly enjoyable. The main characters are nice and have sound values, the fashions of the time are attractive, and the plots are diverting.

You're right. They can be watched over and over again and Poirot's insights are great.