Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Natural Question

When you have started the morning with espresso and then switch to instant decaffeinated coffee, after a grimace the inevitable question arises: is there a decent instant decaf coffee brand out there?


Richard (Rick) Georges said...

Wrong question. The question is why the hell would anyone drink decaffeinated coffee? The whole point of coffee is caffeine. It is no longer coffee after removing the caffeine. It is a cup of dark, dirty water that doesn't do anything. What is wrong with you? :-)

Michael Wade said...


Your response, of course, is highly caffeinated.

I am a devoted user of real coffee but there are times, especially in the evening, when a good decaf coffee would be nice.

So far, I doubt if one exists. They all taste like ditch water.


Unknown said...

Mr Wade,
Seattle's Best Decaf Portside Blend Ground. The key is to make it using the Milleta pourover, (red plastic model works fantastic, link below). I've been searching for years for a great decaf due to I am only able to drink one cup of regular if I want to get to sleep at the end of the day, but love coffee.

Your blog continues to be a great blessing as I endeavor to lead my team and manage our work slaying dragons while enjoy the journey through meaningful pursuit. Hope all is well my friend!
Andy Bromsey


Michael Wade said...


That's a great tip. I will definitely check it out along with the Milleta pourover.

I have the same problem if I drink caffeinated coffee in the evening.

Many thanks and best wishes both to you and your team.