Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Highly Enjoyable

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Some quotes from the book:
  • "No art Ph.D. ever made an artist's life more livable. The art salesmen do that."
  • "When one of the other salesmen at 3M asked [Augie Turak] the secret of his success, 'I told him the more calls you make, the more appointments you get, the more sales you make. It was what they taught us in sales class. But they didn't want to believe it....The secret is always the same thing. Work your ass off.'"
  • "The longer I spent with [Guillermo 'Memo' Ramirez] the greater my regard grew for his skills. He has a knack of dropping ideas into conversations with clients and leaving them bouncing, as he put it, like a basketball dropped from a great height, bounce, bounce, bounce, long after he leaves their house. He would come in to fix a door and mention in passing that the kitchen might need a fresh coat of paint. A week later, the customer would call: Do you have time to paint the kitchen?

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