Monday, March 04, 2019


Had surgery this morning. At home now awaiting delivery of pain medicine.

In a couple of hours, once the pain meds fully kick in, I am expecting the arrival of giant woodchucks.


walt reed said...

Obviously a great time for my wifes' report on OU/UCLA gymnastics meet.. In spite of an overnight ice storm, 10,000 souls attended the meet. All time record. Miss Ohashi got a 10 for her floor performance. OU won by a fraction of one percent. Crowd showed their appreciation for UCLA repeatedly. Standing ovation for Ohashi. Bart Conner made the calls for ESPN. Nadia was there.
I hope you got a liter of liquid Lortab. Best regards.

Michael Wade said...


Thanks for the update.

What a great experience! That's a lifelong memory.