Thursday, April 30, 2020

There's Always a System

gold and white concrete statue

Outsiders who talk about getting rid of an "inner circle" may have a good point about the need to expand the flow of information and the number of participants. What is missed is that when it comes to large organizations, there is always an inner circle. And the replacements might not be that much better and, indeed, may be much worse.

[You want to get rid of Louis XVI's inner circle? Meet Robespierre and Marat.]

The same type of talk is heard about systems. People don't like bureaucracy because they don't care for red tape and inefficiency. The diagnosis should consider, however, that even a choice of no system creates a system. The question, as always, is simple: How does it operate?

It can be fun to discuss personalities but my advice is to look for the system.

[Photo by Louis Paulin at Unsplash]

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