Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thoughts While Reviewing a Questionable Report

"That statement is flat-out incorrect, but it may be due to ignorance and not duplicity. More information is needed."

"Are any key items of information omitted? Hmm, yes. Several times."

"Did that reply directly answer the question? No, but it was nicely crafted to appear to answer the question."

"How many vague statements are there? At least twelve. That may be due to sloppiness, deception, or both." 

"What the hell does that mean? Perhaps the author went to graduate school."

"Love the jargon. Ask for definitions."

"That was unnecessarily argumentative. Bad form."

"There is so much detail in that area. Was it meant to distract?'

"The chart compares the current status to last year's numbers. How would it look if the comparison was with the numbers five or ten years ago?"

"Does the author really believe this will convince anyone?"

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