Tuesday, April 13, 2021

"I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated"

At Common Sense with Bari Weiss, Paul Rossi discusses his experience with the repressive anti-racism training at his school.

Shades of China's Cultural Revolution. An excerpt:

A few days later, the head of school ordered all high school advisors to read a public reprimand of my conduct out loud to every student in the school. It was a surreal experience, walking the halls alone and hearing, simultaneously, the words emitting from each classroom: “Events from last week compel us to underscore some aspects of our mission and share some thoughts about our community,” the statement began. “At independent schools, with their history of predominantly white populations, racism colludes with other forms of bias (sexism, classism, ableism and so much more) to undermine our stated ideals, and we must work hard to undo this history.”

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