Wednesday, April 14, 2021

On the Subject of God



Richard (Rick) Georges said...

Interesting. But, behind all of the intellectual posturing (both for and against intelligent design), is the ultimate fact that we have no clue which way the wind blows. Both arguments require a leap of faith. Faith is the ultimate "I have no clue" hypothesis. The hopeful human will adopt faith. The arrogant human will reject it. No man knows what is on the other side of midnight.

Michael Wade said...


C. S. Lewis observed that even if there was a dramatic demonstration of the existence of God, people would dismiss it as the product of mass hysteria. It all gets down to faith and that ties in with free will. We get to choose.

On a related point, Dennis Prager once asked a group at a conference of atheists how many of them had doubts and very few (perhaps none) raised their hands. He observed that most people of faith grapple with questions and doubts all the time.