Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Well, It's Not Like We Have a Debt Problem

James B. Meigs in Commentary magazine: "Biden's Infrastructure Plan Is Not About Infrastructure."

An excerpt:

Others noticed that a surprisingly small share of the money called for in Biden’s infrastructure plan is dedicated to, well, infrastructure. Airports, bridges, and waste-treatment plants, for example, get relative pennies compared with the $400 billion allocated to providing health-care aides to the elderly and disabled. Another $300 billion goes to helping promote U.S. manufacturing. Subsidizing manufacturers and providing federally funded aides to the elderly might or might not be defensible as policies. But they aren’t anybody’s definition of infrastructure. Even those portions of the plan that sound like they describe traditional infrastructure aren’t quite what they seem. For example, the largest single portion of the $621 billion targeting transportation is devoted to subsidizing electric cars,  not rebuilding highways, improving rail lines, or updating airports.

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