Saturday, July 30, 2022

Ice Cream as Health Food

I am aware of what the nutrition books say and am certainly aware of the opinions of the ultra-physically fit.


My body often cries out for coffee and, less frequently, it cries out for ice cream. Not just any ice cream. Certain key flavors. I now regard them as medicinal and actually feel better as a result of limited consumption.

"Limited?" An eyebrow cocks.

Precisely. I'm not like a friend who would say he was getting a "little bowl of ice cream" while getting a very large bowl because he regarded "little" as a term of endearment and not one of measurement.

I mean "limited" in that one bowl will do, but it has to be good stuff, not the bargain basement stuff my parents used to get which, if you read the ingredients - and we kids did - wasn't really ice cream at all but something cranked out with cottonseed oil.

Of course, we ate it anyway. Any port in a storm. But we quietly made vows.

I can hear one of them now.

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