Thursday, May 18, 2023

Going Retro

I was talking last night with a wills and trusts lawyer who avoids email. He sends each of his clients a letter stating that since many of them are uncomfortable using email, he prefers that contact be made personally or via telephone or regular old fashioned mail. He warns that responses to email will be delayed.

He does, however, respond quickly to text messages.

We had gotten onto the subject when I noted that email messages are often ignored but that text messages have a much higher tendency to be read.

I suggested that he drop the text messaging and insist that all correspondence be via parchment and a quill pen.

He has taken that under consideration.

[Photo by Chris Chow at Unsplash]


FutureLawyerRickGeorges said...

I remember an attorney at a Bar meeting 30 years ago responding to my discussion of email communications as being the most efficient way of legal communication with a dismissive " I still use a quill pen". Your friend would have a difficult time practicing law in Florida, since Efiling is mandatory in all disciplines, and the Court Clerk and Judges only communicate via email. The Florida Courts Efiling website is completely online. Text messages are no more secure than email, unless both parties are using Signal or other end to end encrypted solution. If this guy is a Florida lawyer, ask him who does his probate and trust administration.

Michael Wade said...


He is in the enlightened Southwest where, instead of parrots in law offices, you may find vultures. Most, of course, are seated behind desks.

All joking aside, I am sure he is using the modern techniques for filing, especially since he is in a remote area. His retro approach mainly applies to communication with clients.