Monday, May 22, 2006

Bad Management Update

Glenn Reynolds looks at the companies who ban web-surfing:

Sell your stock in companies with policies like this one. The management is obviously stupid, and the only employees likely to stay, long-term, in the face of this kind of a policy are those who can't get a job someplace else, someplace where the management is brighter than a bag of hammers.

Well-run companies look at outputs -- how well people are doing their jobs -- rather than simply trying to make sure that employees look busy. And given that U.S. economic performance over the past few years, as Internet usage has boomed, has been excellent, it's hard to believe that this websurfing is really threatening productivity. Instead, I suspect, it's threatening management's sense of control. (After all, if they really cared about people wasting their time with computer technology, they'd ban PowerPoint, not Web-surfing.)

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