Wednesday, April 25, 2012

After the Workshop

My workshops are performances, not recitals. I've never been into the "sit on a stool, throw a slide on the screen, and then mumble a few explanations" approach to training. The usual preference is for substantive and fast, with doses of quick humor, plenty of case examples, and lots of interaction with the audience. As a result, by the time I'm done, I'm exhausted. I want to crawl off somewhere, drink bottles of water and perhaps stare at a ceiling.

Workshops differ from college classes that can be stretched out and covered in a low-key manner. You have to seize attention and continue to hold it because time is limited and points need to be made. Two tasks must be achieved: the memorable conveying of practical information and the creation of genuine interest in the topic. All else is secondary.

Time to put up my feet.


Bob said...

You know you are having fun when you do a 2 yr session and seems like 30 minutes.....All done but can wear you out.

Michael Wade said...


A two hour session requires two deep breaths.