Friday, December 18, 2015

Training Rooms

Training rooms lack the predictability of classrooms. Depending upon the size and resources of the organization, training rooms can be extravagant or spartan. 

I fondly recall a floor of training rooms in Houston. Freshly-baked cookies would be brought in for the breaks. Teaching amid the aroma of chocolate chip cookies can be a pleasant experience.

Spartan, however, is far more common and you can quickly tell if an instructor had anything to do with the design and equipment. I've taught in rooms that resembled the lengthy interior of an airliner, had flip charts that could barely stand, and used audio-visual equipment from the Harding administration.

In those instances, one suspects that executive training is done off-site at a resort or hotel and that the ultra-basic facilities are for the rest of the team.

But perhaps I've become cynical.


Eclecticity said...

No! Not you Michael. Say it isn't so. E.

Michael Wade said...


I caught it from you.