Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Two Pizza Rule

Much has been written on The Two Pizza Rule used at Amazon; i.e. that no team should be larger than one that can be fed with two pizzas. Makes sense. We've all experienced teams and meetings that are just too large.

What are some good (but perhaps quirky) rules you've encountered?

Here's my partial list:

  1. No staff paper shall exceed two pages. [Attachments are permitted.]
  2. Staff meetings shall be held only when needed.
  3. There should limited "open doot" in order to provide time to think.
  4. Junior people should be called upon first.
  5. Officers eat last.
  6. There should always be more than three options.
  7. The case should always be understated.
  8. Meetings should always start on time.
  9. Err on the side of over-coordination.
  10. Others?


pheski said...

1. Never hold (or attend) a meeting if agenda not distributed 48 hours in advance. (Emergency exceptions allowed.)
2. Never vote on anything at the meeting where it is first raised.
3. First question: are all the necessary people at the table or in the loop?

Michael Wade said...


I like those.