Monday, October 31, 2016

Escape the Room

A very interesting business. You are locked in a room with other contestants and given a particular scenario. Your goal is to figure out how to escape within 60 minutes. My son and some of his friends recently went through one of the exercises. 


Fun and quite well-run.


Oliviero Cresta said...

I agree. I did it just this summer with my coworkers (here in Italy, not in Arizona).
Our job was to find the secret codes to avoid the launch of some nuclear weapons.
It's very interesting to watch and analyze the group dynamic, how you work together in a seemingly random way to solve all the puzzles.
Very glad to be able to say that my group was the only one to finish in time. We're still bragging some months after the fact...
Really much better than the usual team building exercises.

Michael Wade said...


I'm glad to hear that it is in Italy.

The nuclear weapons exercise sounds fascinating.

My son said his team solved their exercise with four minutes to spare.

You're right. It would be a great team-building exercise.