Saturday, May 13, 2017

Back from Route 66

Yesterday, when I returned to Phoenix and turned off the freeway, there was a young panhandler holding up a sign: "I Should Have Listened to My Mother." 

Perhaps the panhandlers are gearing their pitches to the holidays. [The best sign I've heard of read "I am blind and it is spring."]

Earlier in the day I drove up to Kingman, Arizona for the board meeting of a history organization. The weather was beautiful and the drive took me through Wickenburg (pretty desert, dude ranches, and old mines). When I passed the Vulture Mine Road I recalled some relatives who mined in the area. One lost an eye to a dynamite blast. A couple of them made some money on their ventures. There was a sign for mining equipment near the highway.


Further north was a rough and faded sign for a place called "Nothing." I believe there was a store there once upon a time but now the sign itself is the only attraction.

Kingman is at higher elevation. It gets snow in the winter time. I've been told that the climate and landscape resemble parts of Pakistan and that appeals to immigrants from that nation. The main drag is Andy Devine Avenue since the old film star grew up there. 

Route 66 is an even bigger draw. There's even a Route 66 Museum and it seems to be thriving. When you are on the route to Las Vegas, you've got a good location. I scanned the area for Corvettes.

If you remember this show, you'll know why.

It's good to be back home. And yes, all of us should listen to our mothers.

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