Saturday, June 03, 2017

Crisis Non-Management

The Kathy Griffin fiasco goes from bad to worse. We've had the mega-blunder and then the obligatory apology. At that point she should have gone into ultra-low profile, surfacing only to volunteer at soup kitchens or clean parks.

But, of course, she didn't.

And that raises a question that has troubled me from the start: what were her advisors saying?

No one, during the entire planning of the photo shoot, said, "You know, an ISIS-like beheading photo might not be a good idea."

And then, during the planning to make a post-apology press conference to portray herself as the victim, no one said, "Nope. Bad move. Don't even think about it."

The fact that she could find a lawyer who would nod approvingly at the idea is meaningless. You can always find one like that. A serious advisor would have counseled, "You'll make a fool out of yourself and worsen an already bad situation. Go read a book or listen to music but don't go near the press."

If her recent actions have been based on advice from friends, she might consider getting some from enemies.


Anonymous said...

I think the notion that this 'D' list "comedienne" has "advisors" rather than perhaps a couple hangers-on or sycophants is the first issue. It would be a conservative trait to think through something like that, not a liberal one. Imagining response if it were Obama's head never occurred to her because of Pauline Kael syndrome. She doesn't know anyone that likes Trump or voted for him. It's tough to be mainstream when you are 180 degrees out of phase with half the country and are so sure of your superior intellect that you can't imagine a negative response.
It was all there to see years ago when she referred to Sarah Palin's baby as a "retard" in 2009. That kind of mean spirited remark, with absolutely no retribution, is a hallmark of the left. Her shock is understandable as Republicans have typically been above the fray and played the adult role. The rise of Trump has emboldened many on the right to "punch back, twice as hard", as a certain half-black President abandoned by his father and raised by his white grandparents once said.

Michael Wade said...

I agree that the Left, in particular, has gone over the edge but your reference to President Obama's background did not help your argument.


Anonymous said...

I apologize. You are correct. Mr. Obama's advice was for the people he likes, not me.

Crusty Old HR Manager said...

Oh my goodness, what a train wreck! But I can't help think it is also an excellent case study for executives who choose to surround themselves with staff who only know how to say "Yes, sir!". It is imperative to include in one's circle those who will disagree with you. Equally imperative to listen to them.

Michael Wade said...


Eisenhower used to tell his Cabinet, "Let's not be in a hurry to make our mistakes."

Sound policy.