Thursday, June 01, 2017

Paris and QTIIPS

Amid the hubbub, Stanford University Graduate School of Business Lecturer Keith Hennessey believes that agreeing to and withdrawing from the Paris agreement amount to QTIIPS. An excerpt:

QTIIPS policy changes provoke fierce political battles over trivially small policy impacts. Passionate advocates on both sides ignore numbers and policy details while fighting endlessly about symbols.

I recommend reading the entire essay especially since members of the American news media have become unhinged.


Bob Watkins said...

Michael this essay sums up my feelings on the Paris Agreement perfectly. Should we work to reduce carbon emissions? Yes! Will this agreement really do anything to lead to that? Not much at all! Is CO2 significantly contributing to some of the climate phenomena we are seeing like melting glaciers and rising sea levels? I have no idea--could be the influence of the sun and the fact that over time there are changing weather patterns (see the Little Ice Age period). Is modern man being foolish to think they can do much to change any of this? I think so.

Michael Wade said...


I think the essay is one of the best I've seen on the subject.