Friday, July 21, 2017

McCain, Comedy Central, and Sam McGee

From The Weekly Standard in 1999: Andrew Ferguson tells about the time that Comedy Central tried to trap Senator John McCain with a question about his favorite poet.

Be sure to read the story all the way through to the end.

For those unfamiliar with the poetry of Robert W. Service, here are two of his most famous poems:


Crusty Old HR Manager said...

I shook hands with John McCain outside the Coliseum during the Arizona State Fair at the start of his Arizona political career. He was campaigning with his wife, Cindy. I was just a gangly kid tagging along with my parents when Mr. McCain shook my hand, encouraged me to work hard in school, and then smiled and asked me to vote for him. I did work hard in school, and I've always voted for Mr. McCain. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to an iconic Arizonan.

Michael Wade said...


He is an American original. Here's hoping they've gotten all of the cancer and he can make a full recovery.