Thursday, July 27, 2017

Random Thoughts

We cannot afford to receive some gifts. ~ It is an alluring but dangerous assumption to believe that the parties in a dispute are speaking the same language even if they are, technically, speaking the same language. ~ To learn a group's values, find out what it punishes. ~ No one is the same at the end of a journey. ~ The ability to tolerate boredom is often essential to success. ~ A book reader is a far more active participant in the telling of the story than is the person who watches that same story in a film.  ~ A poor advocate can be more harmful than a powerful enemy. ~ Unless you are bluffing, understatement beats overstatement. ~ Feigning an injury should be condemned, not subsidized. ~ Eloquent and persuasive are not the same as wise and true. ~ The clock always casts a vote. ~ School children should be required to scan news stories for examples of "apples and oranges." ~ The advocates of utopia have a hellish performance record. ~ Removing or adding an object rarely if ever solves a problem of values. ~ A modern curse would wish that an adversary has an excess of a particular quality. ~ Personalities are easy culprits to identify but an organization's alignment.deficiencies hide behind a curtain. ~ Every day is a battle against the tendency to drift. ~ Some flexibility is essential but it helps to work from a daily script.


David Kanigan said...

"We cannot afford to receive some gifts." This is one...

Michael Wade said...


You are most kind.