Friday, September 15, 2017

Back of the Mind Questions

  1. "How will this move us forward?"
  2. "Do they want to do something meaningful or do they just want to be able to say they did something?"
  3. "Does that position have any relationship to reality?"
  4. "Is there someone who should be here but isn't?"
  5. "Does everyone have the same goal?"
  6. "What is being downplayed?"
  7. "Is this a real meeting or will the real meeting take place elsewhere?"
  8. "If the specialists are acting like generalists, then who is bringing the expertise of the specialists?"
  9. "Is anyone going to ask the IT person for a translation?"
  10. "Does the lawyer really understand how that policy will be implemented in the field?"
  11. "Where did that money come from?"
  12. "Does anyone remember the last time we tried this?"

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