Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Not So Modern

grayscale photography of telephone booth

I got a text message last night from a friend who had just emerged from a canyon in a remote part of Arizona where there is no cell phone coverage. He promised to be in touch once he got to Page, Arizona where the coverage would be stronger. [Look it up. It's up yonder.]

This is not a surprise. There are parts of central Phoenix that have lousy cell phone coverage.

People can call from the top of Mount Everest, of course, but not with the average cell phone service. I look forward to the days when such limited coverage will be a quaint story for one's grandchildren.

This is said, however, with a certain nostalgia for the days of phone booths.

[Photo by Dariana Anairad at Unsplash]


Vince Dunn said...

The lost days of the phone booth and the joy of finding a dime or a quarter in the coin return.

Michael Wade said...


And carrying some coins so you could make a call.