Monday, July 29, 2019

Cottage Books

empty gray wing chair

Kurt Harden at Cultural Offering is seeking the titles of possible "cottage books" - books that will sit on the shelves of a cottage that you occasionally rent out.

My nominees would be:
  • The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
  • Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • The Flame Trees of Thika by Elspeth Huxley
  • A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
  • Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie
  • Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey
  • First Among Equals by Jeffrey Archer
  • Let's Not Go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller
  • Dirty Beasts by Roald Dahl
  • White Teeth by Zadie Smith
  • An Open Book by John Huston
  • The Outsider by Frederick Forsyth
  • Restoration by Rose Tremain
  • John Adams by David McCullough
  • The White Album by Joan Didion
  • A Good Man in Africa by William Boyd
  • Cannery Row by John Steinbeck
  • Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat.
  • Casino Royale by Ian Fleming
  • Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
  • Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
  • I, Claudius by Robert Graves
  • The Comedians by Graham Greene
  • Middle Passage by Charles Johnson
  • The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Journey into Fear by Eric Ambler

[Photo by Drew Coffman at Unsplash]

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