Thursday, March 19, 2020

Costco Adapts and Rises

gray-and-red metal shopping cart lot beside wall

This article in The Motley Fool notes how Costco has changed its store protocols to handle waves of customers during the coronavirus crisis.

From what my wife has told me, they're succeeding. 

She went to a Costco in Phoenix yesterday. I expected her to return ranting but instead she came back raving about how well-organized the store was and how much attention was given to reducing the potential for any transmission of the coronavirus. 

She noted that the organization started in the parking area, continued through the entrance screening, and culminated in a great experience throughout the store and during the check-out. 

She was also impressed by how courteous and attentive the staff members were. They went beyond their usual high standard to turn a potentially stressful experience into a very pleasant one.

One other point she stressed: How nice the customers were. 

We are rising to the occasion.

And so is Costco.

[Photo by Gabrielle Ribeiro at Unsplash]

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