Monday, April 20, 2020

Brainstorming During the Quarantine

woman in gray shirt wearing black headphones

Although many of us enjoy fewer meetings and interruptions, preferring instead to hunker down in our homes behind bolted doors and old pizza boxes, there are more extroverted souls who miss the banter and socializing of a normal workplace.

And the quarantine is driving them close to the edge.

As a result, it may help to offer periodic brainstorming sessions in which people are invited to weigh in on various work-related topics, especially ones which might be neglected in the current environment. 

At the same time these can be sessions that may even please the extroverts.

Some possible topics:

  1. When things return to normal (or quasi-normal), which topics will require a significant amount of our time and attention?
  2. Is there any practice that we adopted during the quarantine that you hope is continued?
  3. What did we learn about internal and/or external customer needs that we might not have understood before the quarantine?
  4. In retrospect, if you could have changed our operating procedures during the quarantine, what would you have changed?
  5. What surprised you the most about working away from the office?
  6. If you've recently been watching TED talks or reading job-related articles, is there one you would label your favorite? 

[Photo by Charles Deluvio at Unsplash]

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