Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Scent of Orange Blossoms

When I wandered out to look at the sky the other night there was the strong scent of orange blossoms in my neighborhood.

Truly one of the greatest aromas in the world. It will be a lot stronger here in a few weeks.

Bacon. Coffee. Orange blossoms. They all produce immediate reactions.

Scents often evoke memories. I cannot get a whiff of Camel cigarettes or diesel fuel without remembering the Army.


Steve said...

I have a strong memories that are brought back by the scent of tobaccos. When I was a child, my dad would send me to the corner store to pick up Camels for him (that was a different age) and I'd always open the pack and take a deep sniff of it. When I first visited North Carolina, there was an unmistakable aroma that reminded me of those days, and sure enough, it was tobacco the fields blossoming in the spring. Cigar smoke or pipe tobacco brings memories of my two grandfathers.

Michael Wade said...


The scent of Camels tobacco is distinctive. You also hit a target with the scent of pipe and cigar tobacco.

I'm having flashbacks.

There are scents anchored in our memories and I suspect the feelings they spark will never leave us.


FrodoDLB - Doug Bottom said...

It reminds me of this song.

FrodoDLB - Doug Bottom said...

Doug Bottom said...
This post reminds me of this song.
Orange Blossoms by JJ Grey & Mofro

Michael Wade said...


Thanks! That's new to me and I will check it out.