Monday, May 04, 2020

Waiting for the Barber

close-up photography of gray stainless steel dispenser

My barber wore a mask and latex gloves when I got my last haircut. He sterilized the scissors and comb and wiped down the barber chair. 

In his shop, each barber has a separate cubicle. There is a barrier between each customer. The barbers cannot even see one another as they cut hair.

I felt safe and, as reasonable precautions go, was safe. I was certainly far safer than anyone on public transit.

His shop has been closed down for weeks. He's taken a financial hit. Keep him shut down and he'll go out of business. 

That is insane. Set some safety standards and let him return to work.

If he re-opens tomorrow I'll be there.

[Photo by Dan Gold at Unsplash]

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