Monday, August 10, 2020

Bad Handwriting

I never had great handwriting but it was far better than my current scrawl.

The realization came to me yesterday as I was sorting through books and files. I found a book I've had since college. In the front, I'd written my name.

It was a young person's signature. So clear and innocent. Not hurried. Thoroughly legible.

Quite unlike my present signature which looks as if it were signed while the other hand was clamped in a tightening vise.

You'd think that as we age our handwriting would improve. After all, we've had plenty of practice. Instead, we aim to beat a speed record.

There must be a mountain of psychological studies on the topic.


David Kanigan said...

Guilty. So me too here Michael.

Michael Wade said...


I have reached the point where sometimes I have difficulty reading my own handwriting.

A bad sign.