Wednesday, August 12, 2020

In the Bag

There's not a lot of time to pack. You know you'll want something good to read both on the journey and after you arrive. Quickly, quickly, which novelists should you consider? Here's my quick list:

Jiri Weil, Agatha Christie, Elmore Leonard, Mario Vargas Illosa, Flannery O'Connor, Joseph Conrad, Olivia Manning, James Baldwin, John Updike, Rudyard Kipling, Elspeth Huxley, Mark Twain, Anthony Trollope, Richard Price, Eric Ambler, George Orwell, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Hilary Mantel, William Boyd, Patrick O'Brian, George MacDonald Fraser, Edwin O'Connor, Len Deighton, Daniel Silva, Rose Tremain, Carl Hiaasen, Umberto Ecco, Edward Abbey, Alexander Kent, V.S. Naipaul and a bunch of others I can't think to name.

Who am I missing? Quickly, quickly!


Unknown said...

Michael Connelly (for fans of Elmore Leonard)

Michael Wade said...

Good choice!