Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Checking the Numbers in Arizona

Political Calculations looks at Arizona's coronavirus strategy.

His summary:

The end of the heavier participation period for the protests coincides with a slight reduction in the rate at which new cases were being reported 13 days later, while the end of the protests altogether is associated with another similar reduction in the rate of increase, though neither was sufficient to reverse the upward trajectory of positive COVID-19 cases. The data suggests the events that made the difference was the governor's mask order, which reversed the increase, and the governor's order to close businesses with high risks for viral exposure among customers, which accelerated the state's downward trend in new cases.

Overall, Arizona's number of cases now being reported daily is similar to the levels that were reported prior to the lifting the state's full lockdown order. Though now, most businesses have reopened (though at lower capacity for many) and residents are no longer asked to stay-at-home. Compared to the full lockdown order, Arizona's current approach appears to be a lot smarter way to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

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