Wednesday, September 16, 2020


I am in my office at home. There is serious stuff to do but the morning has been gobbled by correspondence and odds and ends. My wife is off at work. The dog connives in the other room. I ponder my list. One item is "flu shot." I suppose I can't delegate that one. It's a question of when. Some doctors say get it pronto and others say wait until October so it will be effective in March when the flu scythe seriously begins to swing. 


The book manuscript is calling. Coaching projects need to be scheduled. Some clients still have in-person coaching with appropriate social distancing and enough hand cleanser to float a boat. Others are inveterate Zoomers. A few would probably put a mask over the screen if it were possible, Zoom is fine for social chats but it's a difficult venue for coaching especially when the client is seated at the far end of a conference room and staring up at a coach-filled screen. 

Jabba the Consultant.

I've tossed the coin. The manuscript wins.


David Kanigan said...

Jump on flu shot. Had mine yesterday. Long lines. 30 min wait.

Michael Wade said...


It's on my list for tomorrow.

I think I can slip in before the rush.