Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Jethro: The First Management Consultant

My Jewish Learning discusses the story of Jethro's advice to Moses.

That's why I call Jethro the first management consultant.

The post also discusses the extent to which justice is delayed in India. An excerpt:

Jethro’s advice heads off a corrosive situation for the young nation, one that unfortunately proliferates throughout the world today. India’s example–where an average 27.2 million cases are pending in the lower courts yearly–is particularly sobering. Transparency International deems India’s judge-to-citizen ratio “abysmally low,” with 12 to 13 judges per 1 million persons. Such a mind-boggling disparity means that it would take an estimated minimum of 300 years to clear all cases pending in India’s courts–if no further ones were brought.

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