Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Nazareth is in the Building

Cultural Offering (a musical wizard) has the essential mixes for a band called Nazareth.

I didn't even know there was a band called Nazareth.

Great band name but it doesn't compare with Polish Lobsters.


chris said...

Glad you liked the band name Polish Lobsters. There's actually a story behind it.

Was out to dinner recently with my girlfriend (who is Polish). We had a very nice seafood risotto with ample lobster meat. She explained that she liked lobster meat but you had to be careful not to eat lobster brains because they are toxic. Having had my lobster license and had my share lobsters I told her that wasn't true.

"Yes it is. My parents told me." And she proceeded to look it up on Google. After about a minute she put her phone down and said, "Maybe its just Polish lobsters."

Still not 100% sure if she was serious bu the comment made me spit my beer.

Michael Wade said...


That's a great story!

From now on I will be on the alert for Polish lobsters.

Why take chances?