Saturday, January 02, 2021

Other Bloggers

Mitigating Chaos (a fellow sloth) is hobnobbing with The Godfather. ~ Rhoneisms quotes an up-and-coming screenwriter. ~ Cultural Offering has writing advice by James Kilpatrick. ~ Althouse is looking at celebrations of Dante. ~ Eclecticity Light has a calming note on New Year's Resolutions. ~ A Layman's Blog has an MHGA message that I really like. ~ A Large Regular has linky links. ~ David Kanigan will be reading a rather bizarre book this afternoon. ~ FutureLawyer ponders his lengthy "shilling" time on the Internet. (Time well spent.) ~ Political Calculations looks at what's going to happen to our paychecks in 2021. ~ Three Star Leadership has the best from the independent business blogs. ~ Mattisms is moving his blog. ~ Scroll down on Serpentine Sheldon Serpentine and you'll find a simple request for 2021. ~ The Hammock Papers has a great observation by General Grant. ~ Tanmay Vora tells about his unexpected lockdown. ~ Julian Summerhayes is back to blogging. ~ The Sovereign Professional is sorely missed.


Julian said...

Happy new year, Michael.

Thank you my friend for the kind mention.

Take care,


Michael Wade said...


You are most welcome.

May you have a grand 2021.

Best wishes,


Andrew Munro said...

Happy New Year, Michael. I'm humbled and chastened by the mention. I will endeavour to do better in 2021.

Michael Wade said...

Happy New Year, Andrew!

Please blog when it is convenient but know that you are missed.

Best regards,