Friday, January 01, 2021

Up Early in 2021

Now that the world has experienced - sarcasm alert - the momentous turning of a page on the calendar, we can get down to real business which, oddly enough, is the same business it was around 24 hours ago.

My sleep schedule was thrown off last night due to the sound of fireworks and a nervous dog.

So I decided to get up at 3 a.m.

I'd tried reading a Louis L'Amour novel (Last of the Breed) but that is not a book to lull you to sleep, especially when the main character, escaping captors in Siberia, has to kill a bear.

I should have picked up that volume on economics.

Anyway, I'm up now. I've had an English muffin, read some news articles from yesterday's paper, and am about to get my second espresso. 

Although a natural optimist, 2021 strikes me as a leap from the frying pan to the fire but, as a law professor once said, "Who knoweth?"

I hope I'm wrong.

Have a great one.

BTW: You will find a drawing of all of us at A Layman's Blog.

[Photo by Danil Aksenov at Unsplash]

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