Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Let's Have a Letter Revival

Remember letters? You know, from way back in the days before phone calls and faxes and email and texting?

Those odd things that you might spend a chunk of time writing and then you'd mail them and not expect an answer that afternoon. It might be a week or so before you'd seriously expect a reply. And when you received a letter, you might study the letterhead and the quality of the paper and, of course, the person's signature.

I still have letters from several decades ago. 

[I even have some letters that an ancestor of mine wrote to his parents while he was serving in the Union cavalry during the Civil War. The quality of his handwriting puts mine to shame.]

It's time to revive the practice of writing letters. Go all the way. Get some nice stationery and a decent fountain pen and handwrite those gems.

Believe me, they will be favorably noticed.

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