Wednesday, July 07, 2021

House Never-Ending

The roofers are gone. Carpenters and painters are scheduled. What else needs to be done? Oh yes, we need an electrician and then an expert in stained patio tiles. And then there's a gate to replace and a wall that has squished a gate and, beyond the wall, I need to clean out the area where the coyotes and foxes cavort. A lamp is going, and new lighting would transform one of the bathrooms. Some carpets need cleaning/replacement. Oh, and the backyard shed cries out for a new roof and door.

Not to mention the ancient kitchen, which I regard as the Eastern Front.

Once all of these are done, of course, there will be more.


Wally Bock said...

So true. We are currently pushing a kitchen renovation uphill. The dining room has been converted to a warehouse for everything we can't keep in the kitchen. Our fridge is in the foyer. The stove which will go in the kitchen is in the garage where it has been for a month. Breakfast is like camping out. I am weary of take-out salads for lunch. Fortunately, there is bourbon.

Michael Wade said...


A kitchen renovation is especially challenging. It's like changing a tire while the car is rolling. We have been stuck in the planning stages for years and have done other projects to avoid dealing with the kitchen. It's been a classic example of the best being the enemy of the good.

Bourbon may be the ultimate solution.