Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Visit to the Dermatologist

 Those of us who grew up in Arizona are like old lizards. Back in my youth - during the Grant administration - there was never any mention of sun screen. Some people, more genteel, used sun lotion to enhance their tan but the rest of us simply swam and ran about. When not contemplating Greek philosophy, we thought of avoiding sun burn.

In our autumn and winter years, however, the tally for our youthful negligence has come due. We regularly visit the dermatologist to get body portions burnt, frozen, or cut off. Fortunately, the dermatologists are sociable types and their small talk is soothing as they zap the top of your head with dry ice.

The pain doesn't kick in until you reach your car.

That will be part of today's schedule. 

I have a big meeting on Thursday. I'm sure I'll look great.

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