Thursday, January 06, 2022

Succession-Planning Problem


Kurt Harden at Cultural Offering discovers that the last shoe repair shop in town has closed.

[Quick! Snag that retiree and get him to train a successor!]

We have a shoe repair shop in our Phoenix neighborhood. It's run by an immigrant from Russia. Friendly. Diligent. Does good work, but he's not young.

How many shoe repair shops are out there?


Steve said...

We're fortunate to have one in the next town over, a five minute drive:

They're family run and do excellent work. I hope they continue.

Lot's of our local shops have been hurt by covid. I imagine a lot people in my area are working from home these days and wearing their dress shoes less.

My barber has a shop right by the train station and opened early to cater to commuters on their way to work; he reports his business, too, is down as fewer people are traveling into NYC.

Michael Wade said...


My barber in Phoenix has see his business hurt by customers simply staying away due to covid.

It seems to be recovering now. At one point, he was offering to make house calls if people didn't want to come into the shop. He may still be doing that.