Saturday, May 28, 2022

You and They

  • You believe in freedom of speech for all. They believe in freedom of speech for those with certain viewpoints.
  • You believe in judging people by their conduct. They believe in judging them by their thoughts as well as their conduct. They also believe they can determine those thoughts.
  • You believe that causes and motives are often complicated and multi-faceted. They believe the reasons behind behavior can be easily traced to one item.
  • You believe that power needs to be limited regardless of which side is in control. They believe that it is more important to get the right people into power and, when that occurs, there should be few, if any, limits on power. [The right people, of course, are those who agree with them.]
  • You believe in conversations. They may pretend to converse but their primary goal is to convert.
  • You believe politics should not be injected into some arenas. They believe that no arena should be immune from political expression or considerations.
  • You believe in equal opportunity. They believe in equal results. They will determine when and how those results are reached.
  • You believe in viewpoint diversity. They oppose such diversity because their viewpoint is the only one that matters.
  • You believe in transparency. They reject transparency if granting it might jeopardize their programs.
  • You believe in courtesy. They mock courtesy but will demand it from you.
  • You tend to favor legislatures and elections over courts and lawsuits. They prefer the opposite. 
  • You are wary of bureaucracy. They are wary of the electorate. 
  • You want rules equally applied. They want exceptions for their side.
  • You are suspicious of all elites. There is an elite they strongly support. They see one of its members everyday in the mirror.

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