Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Where's the Staff?

The videos of President Biden wandering around like a lost soul at various conferences have become common.

Each time I see those, my reaction does not fall into the camp of those who question whether the President is mentally up to the job. [He may or may not be.] I also differ with those who immediately cite his age as an inherent disqualifier. Konrad Adenauer seemed to handle the German chancellorship quite well at an advanced age.

No, as a former staff officer, my reaction is to be angry at his staff. A top-notch staff would never permit the top executive to be placed in a situation where he looks confused or alone. 

Biden's chief of staff is responsible for those lapses. They are inexcusable.


Dan in Philly said...

In all fairness, I've seen enough videos where they seem the be trying (Easter Bunny, etc.). Which makes me concerned about how bad it really might be.

Michael Wade said...


They need to try harder. The video where Obama ignored Biden while shaking hands was one where a diligent staff member, equipped with an empty folder, could have at least given the President some company and the appearance of engagement.

At least the Easter Bunny was trying.