Friday, July 08, 2022

The Project

The project report will have several drafts. That was always expected. It will be reviewed by a diverse group of people. Each individual will bring special perspectives and expertise. 

Key questions will be: 

  • What to leave out?
  • What is the tone?
  • What is the theme?
  • Are there any words or phrases which may distract readers from the main message?
  • What do we definitely want to have in the report?
  • If those who read the final copy only remember one thing, which message do we want it to be?
  • Will any parts be quickly outdated?
  • What are the likely avenues of attacks?
  • What will the most severe critics say? [Have we prepared for those responses?]
  • Once the report is released, what will we need to be prepared for?
  • Are we flexible enough to handle issues we have not anticipated?

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