Friday, November 18, 2022

Planning Directions

I want a clear goal and a direct strategy for achieving it. Tell me what we gain.

I also want approaches for key groups and a description of the opposition's counter-arguments. 

No opposition? Use your imagination. They are out there.

Give me the cast of characters with an indication of how they think, what they've done, what each wants, and how well they get along. 

Tell me what they fear the most and what they are likely to do to avoid it.

Be thinking of the risks and resources and which side has time as an ally.

I also want to know which party cares the least. They're probably the most dangerous.

Give the costs - don't forget the costs - and be wary of any plan that does not seem to have a downside.

There is always a downside.

I want more than three options because there are always more than three options and I don't want to see a recommendation sandwiched between two extremes.

Throughout all of this we should be asking two questions: "And then what?" and "What are we relying on?"

Do all of the above and then we can talk some more about what we don't know.

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