Friday, April 14, 2023


The project will take at least three times longer than you anticipate. If it is successful, well-meaning people will try to lure you into other projects. In most cases, your answer should be no. 

Examine the most important part of the project and search for a bigger picture or a larger meaning. There probably is one. That's your new project. It deserves scrutiny.

Be wary of titles and labels. They are meant to cloak reality. Don't think everything was done on purpose. Purpose usually requires effort and most teams are lazy. 

But do consider drift as in "If there was no resistance five or ten years ago, would the picture resemble where it is now?" If so, drift is an important component and the offices that are in charge of setting limits have been asleep at the switch. 

Consider who is smiling at this development. He or she will be drift's defender.

Do your homework. Without it, no one will believe you.

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